Are Poor Frames Damaging Your Pictures?

Incredibly, your picture frames could be damaging your cherished paintings or photographs and here are 4 easy ways to check that everything is as it should be:

Are the wires and fittings completely safe?frayed_cord
Frayed hanging wires and poor fittings often create serious problems. Falling pictures not only wreck themselves but can also cause injury or damage to other objects. Check your frames have either a stainless steel or rot-proof polyester cord firmly fixed to the rim, not the backing board. We can make your frame safe and secure by using the correct fittings.



Is the artwork properly protected?mouldy_mount
If your paintings or photos are fixed to the wrong backing they could become permanently damaged. Hardboard, plywood and MDF may appear substantial, but all contain acids which can transfer into your artworks and stain, discolour or corrode them. Check your artworks are properly mounted. We can solve this problem by correctly mounting artworks onto specialist boards to protect them from impurities.




Is the frame correctly taped and sealed?
The “air gap” between the frame and backing board should be taped properly to prevent insects getting inside. Sellotape and masking tape are ineffective because they dry out, so check carefully under the glazing for tiny flies and bugs. We can replace any affected parts and provide a seal against insect infestation.




Is air circulating behind the frame?frame backing pad
Picture frames can be damaged simply by contact with the walls behind them. Damp (for example from newly plastered walls) can transfer into the frame, mount and artwork making it become mouldy. A simple remedy is to fit bumpers (spacers) at the back of the frame to prevent this. Solve it with our free bumpers!


If you have any doubts about the quality or safety of your picture frames please bring them along to our experts for a free visual check.

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