Film Processing, Scanning & Printing

Film has been at the heart of our business since we began and we have kept a solid processing base for photographers who ‘know the difference’ (and for those who want to discover the benefits of the dark side). We offer developing, printing & digital contact sheets from C41 film in 120 & 35mm formats. We do not currently process traditional Black and White film – only C41 type.

The lab passed Kodak Q-Lab certification in 1987, and works to maintain these high process control standards today.

Our scans are second to none. Films have each frame corrected by the scanner operator. Individual scans suitable for publication are further corrected to ensure that the files will print reliably regardless of their route to print or press.

C41 Process only (B&W surcharge £3.00)£7.20
C41 Process & scan 18 MB£14.70
C41 Process & scan 50-75 MB£18.00
Contact sheets£9.60
35mm 24exp 6x4£15.00
35mm 36exp 6x4£18.00
35mm 24exp 7x5£18.00
35mm 36exp 7x5£21.00
Scans from strips of ready processed and cut film (18 MB)£3.00
Scans from individual transparencies (18MB)£2.40

Scans on this service are visually corrected by the scanner operator to produce a balanced set of scans from each roll of film and are supplied in jpeg format. (18 MB scans will typically compress to around 3-5 MB when saved to disc depending on image content.)

Fully corrected scans for publishing and large format printing are given in the table below. After scanning, each frame is corrected for levels, saturation, sharpness and clarity. Creative retouching can be specified at this stage and will be charged according to complexity. Scans can be supplied in jpeg or tiff format. Final file size within each bracket below is dependent on film dimensions.

18-22 MB£9.60
30-40 MB£19.20
Full resolution 75-90 MB£28.80
Creative retouching per hour£96.00

Prices include VAT

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