Framing Advice

Our extensive experience means we can offer you the very best advice for all kinds of picture framing requirements.

All our frames are individually hand made by experts working to exacting standards to ensure every painting, photograph or presentation is given the care and attention to detail it deserves.

Whether your artwork is complex or simple, valuable or sentimental a Menor Frame will enhance it to the full and continue to do so for many years to come.

Here are some guidelines to help you get the best from your pictures:

Protecting the artworkPicture frames
Choosing the frame and mount
Types of glass
Tips on hanging your picture frame
Glossary of framing terms
Are poor frames damaging your pictures?


Protecting the artwork

Artworks are often valuable or of a priceless sentimental value and if they were damaged it would leave you devastated.

At Menor we recognise the importance of protecting artworks, however valuable they may be, by using only the best mounting materials as standard. This means that each painting or photo is carefully mounted onto PH neutral backing boards that do not contain harmful acids which could potentially destroy or permanently discolour artworks.

We also have a museum standard conservation mounting option which is guaranteed to protect artworks for years and our experts are skilled at mounting or sandwiching delicate, original and rare artworks so they are not fixed using damaging adhesives or tapes.

As well as protection from behind we can offer various types of glazing which prevent damage to artworks from light sources such as sunlight. Specially formulated UV Protection glass is available to ensure artworks are fully protected from the front, so they will not fade or discolour.

There are other ways to protect your artwork and it’s worthwhile following our 4 easy ways to check for potentially damaging causes. Click here to find out

Whether you have an original Monet gathering dust in the attic, or a recent family snapshot make sure you enhance and protect it in a beautiful Menor Frame.



Choosing the frame and mountGallery

It is amazing how different frame and mount combinations can transform artworks in an instant. Frames (aka mouldings) can be heavy or thin, light or dark, decorative or plain and could enhance or detract your image.

Mounts (the surrounding area of board that sits under the glazing and above your artwork) are available in an extensive range of colours and finishes designed to complement your artwork perfectly.  Double mounts, triple mounts and other special mount techniques means the permutations are virtually endless and, executed professionally, produce outstanding results.

Our experts will be pleased to advise on all suitable combinations to complement your individual or collection of artworks, just bring them along to our showroom and enjoy browsing through the range of samples.


Types of glassart_glass

Glass is an often overlooked feature that could make or break a presentation. Even the most amazing images can be spoiled through the use of inferior glass, simply because they cannot be seen properly.

At Menor you can specify from a range of high quality glass options such as Non-reflective, UV Protective, Museum Standard and Reflection Control Art Glass. The difference is easy to see… clearly better!


Tips on hanging your picture frame

You probably know exactly where you wish to place your intended picture frame in your home and have made provision for a suitable wall-fixing to carry the weight.

All Menor picture frames come complete with either non-flexing polyester cords or metal brackets designed to enable perfect hanging. They also come with picture frame bumpers to allow air to circulate between the back of the frame and the wall. This prevents damp (for example from newly plastered walls) from penetrating into the frame and mountboard damaging the artwork, usually permanently.

Never used frayed or damaged wires or fittings and make sure fittings are secured to the frame and not the backboard.


Are Poor Frames Damaging Your Pictures?

Click here to find out


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