Glossary of Framing Terms

Here are some basic framing terms which we hope you might find useful when you discuss your requirements with us.


3D: A framed presentation of memorabilia, for example team shirts, boxing gloves, CD or LP sleeves and medals.

Acid Corrosion: The transfer of chemicals into artworks from inferior quality backing boards which causes staining, discolouration and permanent damage.

Air-gap: The space where the backing board meets the moulding. This should be properly taped to prevent insect infestation.

Aperture: The terms used to describe the ‘hole’ cut into the mount to reveal the artwork. Traditionally this is rectangular, however Menor can cut custom shaped apertures to match specific requirements.

Artwork: Originals or prints of paintings, drawings and photographs.

Backing board: This is a PH neutral board containing no acids that sits behind the mountboard and is taped using special framing tape to the back section of the moulding.

Bracket: A metal device attached to the moulding for hanging purposes.

Bumpers: Small foam or plastic lozenges attached to the bottom corners behind the moulding allow air circulation and prevents the transfer of damp into the moulding.

Cord: Strung between two fittings attached to the moulding, the cord should be made of rot-proof polyester.

Damp: A common cause of picture frame damage. Damp from walls (particularly newly plastered walls) can transfer into the moulding, mountboard and eventually the artwork. Fitting bumpers allows air circulation and helps prevent this.

Double-mount: A lower layer of mount, often in a colour that complements the artwork and contrasts with the upper mount, adds an extra dimension and finish.

Fittings: The eyes attached to the moulding through which the cord is threaded.

Frame: Either the collective noun for the whole presentation, or an often used word describing the Moulding.

Glass: See ‘Glazing’

Glazing: The clear element that sits between the mount and the moulding. Various types of glazing are available which allow greater see-through, such as non-reflective, and UV Protection.

Infestation: The presence of insects such as tiny black fly appearing under the glazing. This can be prevented by properly taping over the Air-Gap.

Moulding: Usually made from wood or metal, the moulding provides the overall edge to the picture frame. Four lengths of moulding are precision cut to an angle of 45 degrees and securely fastened together to form a perfectly square surround for the picture aperture.

Mount: The surrounding area of board that sits under the glazing and above your artwork.

Mountboard: A PH neutral board to which the artwork is either mounted or taped.

Multi-mount: A mount where 2 or more windows are cut out to reveal more than one artwork. This is particularly effective for montages and collections such as cigarette cards.

Original: An actual painting, drawing, certificate or photograph. (Menor can provide services to photograph or scan your original to enable the printing of replicas and limited editions and/or archiving for preservation purposes.)

Print: A one-off or limited edition print from any original or digital file.

Tape: A paper-based framing tape which is glued using special resin to the backing board and back section of the moulding to seal the Air-Gap.

Wire: An inferior alternative to polyester cord.


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